Move to another sheet

I need to move information from one sheet to another - it would take too long to retype everything but there doesn’t seem to be a way of moving the information and as I am a “free subscription” member your staff are refusing to help!

Our staff are always willing to help, but we not able to do phone calls repeatedly to assist users. There’s simply no way for us to manage that. But we’re always happy to answer your questions here or through a support ticket.

Hi Kirsten,

You can manually export entries into a Excel file and then import it into your new sheet. :slight_smile:

I want to be able to transfer records to this new sheet when the job has closed - not starting again with a new sheet each time!

You may consider using the linking tool Multiple versions with fixed filter applied that the multiple versions would share the data source but you can still have 2 versions of the sheet listing different records according to different queries applied in the fixed filter on each so that you don’t have to export and import the data.

If you still would like to have two separate sheets without sharing data source, you can use convert record action button to achieve it.