Management Access | External Users



Can you add “access to the external users sheet” for me to choose other departments to edit this sheet? I would like for them to be able to edit and add new users. Currently, on sysadmin can do anything here.

Thank you!


Hi Alaina,

Indeed it’s not supported for non-SYSAdmin users to access any system sheets under “Account Setup”, however, we can install system user and external user sheets to your database account that you can set up access rights to decide which user groups can access these sheets.
The sheets installed in your database would be multiple versions of the original system sheets under Account Setup, so that please keep in mind not to delete or change field type of the system fields.
If you would like us to install these two sheets for you, please submit a ticket by emailing to "".



Thank you! I will email for it.
Can I edit the multiple version to hide fields if necessary?


Hi Alaina,

Yes, you can!