Main Calendar Query

I’d like to use the Calendar on the Home screen as a shared Calendar so all User can load in what they’re up to on any particular day. And to record Absences etc.

How would I go about this?


Normal users can access the event calendar from their hom-page. However, we haven’t support configuring the event calendar itself as the home-page.

Besides, the event calendar is for viewing purpose. Users will need to navigate to individual sheets still in order to create new entries. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks.

So for example, if today someone was absent due to sickness, how would you suggest I go about marking this so it can be seen by all users on the Calendar? Or a Salesperson is out with a Customer for a meeting, again, how would I show this Sales person as “Out of the Office with Customer”?

Thats what i’m trying to achieve…


By default, if you have a sheet that contains a date field, the system will automatically create an event on the calendar for all users who have the access right to that sheet.

Hence, you can create a sheet for recording “Out of office”, including a date field. Then, grant every user with “Bulletin User” access right so they’ll be able to create their own entries while viewing entries created by others. Once a user creates a new entry in that sheet, other users should be able to see it in the event calendar.