Mailmerge via action button for 1 record


I would like to create an action button that starts a mailmerge for 1 record. The idea is to make a salesticket when a sale is done. I have the table and the ticket template set up and via the TOOLS MENU I can execute the mailmerge. This works very good. However I would like to have an action button to make is much more userfriendly that can be execute for 1 record from the listing page after each record. If a customer is in front of you there are too many handlings to get a ticket out of the system.

If it is not available yet can it be done via a JS workflow or another way?
How can it be done via a JS workflow if not available yet?




You could display mailmerge function as action button on listing page by clicking the wheel icon to the form view template under tools menu on listing page. And choose any record on listing page before clicking the action button, you could mailmerge a record as form view.

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Thank you found the icon!