Mail Merge: Multiple Entries on Page on Word not working

I have a simple database of people in our organization, with contact information such as email, phone, and mailing addresses. This is to be used to generate a printable directory using a Word template with Mail Merge, and requires multiple entries per page. I referred to the instructions in the support page (Mail merge (Export as Word/Excel)), but it’s not working properly. I only get the first record of the database output to the Word file after the mail merge.

Here’s an example of one template file I tried, using the field IDs, along with ‘~~n’ as seems to be required for multiple entries according to the above mentioned support page:

I’ve also tried this file, using field names instead of field ids, but with no better success:

The output after mail merge only includes the first record in the database, and everything else just shows what the raw template shows, like this:

If someone familiar with the Mail Merge using multiple entries on a Word document has any suggestions on how to correct this, I’d be very grateful. Many thanks in advance!


Is the mail merge template uploaded to listing page or form page?
Mail merge multiple entries to one page only supported on listing page.

If that’s not the point, would you mind sending a support ticket via “Need Help” and grand Ragic support access to your database so that we could have a closer look?

Thanks for your reply. The template is uploaded to the listing page, not the form page. OK, I will send the support ticket as you suggest.

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