Mail Merge for Users

It would be very useful if Mail Merge documents can be uploaded on a global AND user basis. Currently, we use Mail Merge to generate generic reports, but our technicians would like to be able to upload their own Mail Merge documents to automate much of their report writing. If every technician uses Mail Merge for their documents, many buttons become show up on the form page, creating a lot of clutter.

If the documents uploaded can be selected to be Global (all users) or User (individual users) then this would resolve the problem. Or, allow permissions for users and groups to see Mail Merge documents. Is it possible to extend Mail Merge to work this way?

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Do you mean when an individual uploads a Mail Merge template, only he can see and use the Mail Merge button he added when the permission is set to “personal” like this?

Yes, custom documents per user is the goal. Is the feature already available?

More so, it will be useful if Mail Merge documents can be set by groups. For example, our laboratory staff uses Mail Merge documents that the other groups of our organization do not need to use or see. Once we add Mail Merge documents for every group, the form page will be filled up with document buttons, most of which are unused by the individual. If Mail Merge documents could be selected by user and group permissions, the flexibility and power of the Mail Merge function would increase significantly.

I see. Currently we don’t have a way to add access right settings to Mail Merge buttons. It would make sense to add a group multiple select for access right like the action buttons like below: action available for these user groups

Will this do?

This is an area I happen to now be looking at for my CRM project.

I run a franchise and would really love to see user/group specific templates. Given the number of franchises the assignment of access rights via a button would be too messy to setup and maintain.

The ideal scenario for me, would be for the users to be able to setup a template for a particular sheet themselves, which is automatically restricted to them.

As an admin account holder, I would see all templates per sheet across all users and have the ability to assign a user or group.

From a user interface perspective, a template library detailing a list of creation date, modified date, name, author and access rights would be great.

This would add tremendous value to the product and my business case.

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It’s now supported to export your mail merge file to your file upload field designed in the sheet.

Let us know if you have any further questions.