Lookup fields from other sheets or join tables?


I am looking at a way to do a Vlookup across several sheets. Is that possible? (The idea is to lookup values in two tables to combine them into one)

or (same problem)

I have created two new sheets from subtables, but I need to join the two into one table before I can filter, sort and display them. Any way to do this?


I too am looking to join 2 tables with a concordance list:
Table 1 has ID-x, LastName…data columns a,b,c, etc
Table 2 has ID-y, Lastname…data columns d,e,f, etc
Table 3 has only ID-x and ID-y as a concordance list ID-x, ID-y
I’ll be damned if I can populate a new column in either table 1 or 2 with the corresponding missing ID.

I have the same problem and i’m sorry this thread didn’t get an answer from Ragic or the community.

I have on one hand :

  • a table MODELS with electronic devices models like APPLE IPHONE 8
  • a table COMPONENT TYPES with spare parts to repair them like SCREEN
  • a table COMPONENT CATALOG with linked field “component type” and “model” (which could be joined in a formula field adding those two to make, for example, “SCREEN APPLE IPHONE 8”)

And on the other hand, I have

  • a table REPAIR CATALOG that also uses those “component type” and “model” linked fields.

In the COMPONENT CATALOG, I want to add a “Repair” field/column that would of course be linked to the REPAIR CATALOG table (1 screen = 1 repair called “replacement screen iphone 8” for example). But there are over 30 000 entries in the component catalog, so if I was in GSheet or Excel, I would use a VLOOKUP formula to fetch the repairs corresponding to components. I can’t do that in Ragic apparently.

Please help, I simply cannot ask a member of my team to go over the 30 000 entries (and more cos i’m not finished yet mass creating components for each model) one by one and select the right repair for each component. Thanks in advance.


Sorry for late reply, Ragic Formulas could only work in same subtable on the same page. It would need custom script to calculate across different subtable or across entries/sheets.
This is our Javascript workflow document, If there’s developer in your organization, which could kindly refer to.