Locked from editing... workflow documentation...

Newbie here… Trying to become familiar with the Purchasing template and am having to read into what I believe the implied workflow is. I am understanding the process as creating a PR, getting the PR approved, generating a PO, getting the PO approved, then receiving the individual items on the PO (either as partials/back orders or as complete). Is there any documentation to confirm this?

Also, in the event we get a PO approved and received, and we inadvertently forget to include the Shipping/Handling charge, how can we add this to the PO? I am advised that I am “Locked from editing”. Finally, is there a report that summarizes the PO#s and the total charges for each.


Hi Rick,

Sorry that currently we don’t have any article for the templates yet, but the workflow you described is correct. For the detailed/further information regarding the workflow of our Purchasing template, you may refer to the following:

  1. Create “Purchase Requisition (PR)”, and it could be with multiple items recorded in the subtable, which the items might be purchased from different vendors.
  2. Once the “PR” entry is approved, you can create the “Purchase Order (PO)” by action button “Create PO” and if it’s the purchase order for multiple vendors, you will need to create multiple PO records and manually adjust the items.
  3. Once you receive the purchase items from vendor for a PO, you can create the “PO Receipt” by action button “Create PO Receipt” on sheet “PO”, and you may create multiple “PO Receipts” for one PO record that if you receive the purchased items under multiple times for a PO.
  4. On “PO Receipt”, you can fill out the “Received Qty” for each items in the subtable, and clicking the action button “Confirm Receipt” to update the “Received Qty” and “Unreceived Qty” of the related “Purchase Items”
  5. You can create “In Coming Quality Control” by action button “Create IQC” on sheet “PO Receipt”. For “In Coming Quality Control” records, you may fill out the “Rejected Qty” for each received items, once the record is approved, you may use the action button “Return Rejected Items” to update the “Received Qty” and “Unreceived Qty” of the related “Purchase Items”.

Hope above workflow helps!

And if you would like to unlock the records, you may refer to this article. But I would still suggest to cancel the approval, renew the records and re-start the approval again, since usually the approval should be for the “complete data entry”.

For generating the report, you may consider generating Dashboard Report from sheet “Purchase Order” or “Purchase Items”.