Link and Load vs. Reference Subtables

Below is a sample of our business workflow. I am struggling to communicate this issue via a ticket so trying for support here. @jeff_kuo

In ragic we create Jobs, which have 3 components. Line Items, SEQs and BOMS.

My workflow is that the Job is created, then the 3 children noted above. At any point I then need to create a new entity called PO and attached all 3 records to the PO.

I was using a reference table to see all children related to this PO. However in order to link these records I have to navigate to many different screen to update source sheet. My workflow of input data works from creating the PO to search for the children so references are not working well.

Since “searching” for existing records is the desired workflow I needed, I thought to I could redesign this page to use link and load so that I can search for existing records and link PO. See new link and load page below

However values changed on this screen won’t be synced to the source sheet. So therefore the I would need to use the update on another page but only 1 value/button can be made automatic.

So I’m a little lost:

Attaching links from a parent record URL to 3 children to make the data stay in sync seems like a fairly common use case.

What am I missing? Is there something wrong with this architecture? Any thoughts?



It’s a bit tough for us to have a clear picture of your database without looking at actual design, would you mind just sharing the example sheet URL with us via ticket so that we could have a better understanding of the structure with the descriptions here?