Line chart - not all fields are an option

so trying to set up a basic chart to understand functionality, however, I am unable to select all of the fields from the data, only the first could, is there a reason for this or have I created the data set wrong?


Only “Numeric” or “Money” field types will show up in the list. :slight_smile:
Besides, fields in subtable can’t be added to the report. If you would like to generate a report based on subtable, please create a new sheet from subtable first and then generate the report based on the new sheet.

thanks that has helped a lot, now can select the fields I am looking for,

however the chart is still blank, I am assuming its something to do with the date field as noting is showing on the x axis. However if I use the create date the data shows. I have specific week dates, this is flagged as a date field in the form, is there something else I need to do?


Would you mind to send us a ticket via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that I could take a look of your form design?

hi thank you, I’ve logged a ticket, hope you can let me know what I have done wrong.