Importing from excel has two different results

I know this may sound daft but sometimes when I import from an Excel file I get a column layout (aka Subtable layout) and other times I get a layout that is not columnar which means I can create data entry forms.

What is the reason? I curse when I see pink - see the lower half of the image below because I can’t put any more files in or move the fields. It’s as though the subtable type of layout glues the fields together.

Hi Helen,

As mentioned in the mail, the lower screenshot is listing page and the upper one is form page.
Please refer to link below for the basic concept of Ragic database:
It will be much easier for you to start after understanding the structure of the database.

Besides, when you’re in the listing page, you can click on the arrow at the upper right corner and then toggle to the form page. Form page is the place that you can add, remove, or edit fields.