Importing data into a subtable

I have created a new sheet where I am tracking various suppliers my clients are using. Some clients are using the same supplier, such as Vistaprint or Office Depot. I am trying to track which clients are all using the same suppliers. I created a new sheet, set up all the fields, and created a subtable where I want to track which client is using that supplier, and specific data involved in the submission process, such as the date submitted, date completed, amount spent, and resolution status. When I try to upload my data, none of the fields from the subtable are definable in the upload process, so obviously I am either using the wrong type of subtable or am doing something else wrong. Is there a way to upload data into a subtable? If not, then what other options can I try?


To import data to subtables, please refer to this article.

I created the sheet, that is not the problem. The problem is when I go to import this file that already has all the historic usage information in it, none of the fields that are in the subtable show up in the data mapping list of options.


Please click on the drop-down menu to see if the fields are listed.
If not, please kindly send a ticket through the “Need Help?” at upper right corner of your database and provide both the URL of the sheet that you tried to upload and the excel file.