Import Data into subtable that is within a subtable

So I got two setup and want to link them together by importing data.


  1. I have a form for membership data. In this form there is a reference table to a form called attendance where I can see all the event that this member has gone to. Although the member can attend multiple days of this event, each record only show one event but it shows the total number of hours.
  2. I also have a form for event data. In this form there is a reference table to show which member has signed up for this event.
  3. I have setup a form to called attendance. This form registers the member to an event. It also has a subtable to track date and time of the member attending the event.

To make things simpler, we use another app to help members sign in and out to record their attendance. After exporting that data, I want to import it back into Ragic. but my trouble is now that once I import into Ragic, the Event, Member, Time and Date information is imported, but I dont know how to have multiple datas automatically recognize which attendance “ID field” it belongs to when importing into the subtable of Attendance.
Instead of having a whole list of days a members has signed in, I want to see in this event, this member has signed in “total” # of days and hours.

Not sure if this make sense.


For this issue, would you mind to send us a ticket with the file that you import so that we could guide based on your need? :slight_smile: