Import data for Parent Sheet and Subtables at the same time

I wish I could Import data to the Parent sheet and the Subtables using the same file at the same time, without having to do it in two steps.

For example, I have two sheets, Sheet A and Sheet B, that is referenced in Sheet A as a subtable, if I want to import data for those sheets I would need to import first on sheet A and then on sheet B, it would be good if I could do it all directly from sheet A, so using a single CSV it would create entries on sheet A and subtable items that would become entries on sheet B.


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But a record on sheet A would have multiple sheet B records. Do you mean if you would like to import one record to sheet A with 3 records on sheet B, the import data CSV would have 3 records with all the fields on sheet A be repeated?

Hi Jeff,

Yes, something similar to that. I would import a CSV and it would create different items on sheet A and it would also create things on sheet B related to thing A, like the image below.


I created something similar to this using one group of two “convert records” action, so I would create an empty entry and upload the CSV to its subtable, using the convert records, it would group the “sheet A ID” and create an entry for every unique item, after that, it would to the same for the “sheet B ID”. By the end of the workflow, I would have many entries on sheet A with their subtables populated with the sheet B entries.

The only problem was that the “convert records” action only works with subtables and if I had too many rows it would load really slow. But it was a good idea of what Ragic can do, and it would work perfectly if using a smaller number of rows.