Images into Subtable

I have centralised my image library into a single sheet, contains an ‘image’ field which shows a preview of the image as per below fine.


As per below, I’m then assigning images to product via ‘Link and Load’, however the resulting subtable shows the image file name, whereas I was expecting and would rather see the image preview for my products?


Centralising the image obviously saves on storage space.


Hi Shane,

Currently it’s not supported to use “upload image” field type as the linked field. Linked field is a kind of selection field, it cannot be image field.
I’ll ask our team to adjust the current feature to block users from setting this up.

As for your need, you might need to set it as the loaded field instead.

Hi Amy,
Thank for your quick reply.

I would appreciate it if you didn’t block it. The usecase of centralising the images to one sheet (x1 upload) and referencing/assigning it to multiple products via link and load has pretty solid logic as far as I can see. It just needs to preview the image instead of presenting the file name does it not?

The alternative, will be the assignment of repeating large HiRes images into multiple records/products/sheets taking up server space and overcomplicating the management overheads when an image is updated or removed.

Please can you review?