iFrame support inside a Ragic form

It would make a massive difference if we could have iframe support inside Ragic to embed other content inside a Ragic form. You could drive it via a Free text field that contains the URL of the iframe and then use things like col span and row height to drive the layout. The reason for the free text is to support formulas to build up the URL such as 'https://www.facebook.com/’+A13

The are actually tons of great things the community could do with this functionality when I think of it.

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Having a dynamic iframe inside a form would have quite a few security implications that open door to XSS attacks. We are not likely to implement a feature like this in the near future.

Hi Jeff,

How about then simply supporting Ragic sheets inside the iframe then you have full control and there is no security risk as these are your pages anyway. It would be easy to restrict it to only show Ragic pages based on the domain https://www.ragic.com/

Regarding the external sources what about if you used HTTP header [ X-Frame-Options: DENY ] to block content.


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