How to redirect webpage to a listing page after hitting an action button

My application has a dynamic form that is adding and removing records multiple times a day based on someone requesting a change and then us completing the change.

When the request comes in, we fill out a record on the “change-request” form. Once the change has been completed, we go back to the record, update the needed fields, and hit a custom action button that copies the record to the “completed requests log” form and also deletes the record in the “open requests” form.

My question is: how to programmatically redirect the site back to the listing page of all open requests when clicking on the “completed” action button?

As of now, once the record is deleted, the open-requests form page changes from filled-in data to a blank add-new form and requires clicking the back arrow button to get back to the “all-open-requests” listing page.

Does Ragic have a built in feature to do this, or can I add javascript in the post-workflow?

You can try the following in the script for an action button:


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