How to delete duplicate fields

New to Ragic, looks good on the whole.
I created a sheet with a dozen fields but somehow, after saving, one of the fields had disappeared. So I recreated it, In my Design View I just have one field called ‘Job Type’ (selection) in column B.
But when I go to the form page to add new entries, I have two fields called ‘Job Type’ - the old one, which disappeared from the design view page, is still lurking around somewhere and popping up on the form page!
I can’t find anywhere which shows a definitive list of my fields from where I can delete the unwanted field. (they are nearly duplicates and have the same field name, but the select options are different)
Can anyone advise where to see and manage my list of fields?


Good to see you here!
You could see all the fields info in DB Maintenance, which would shows the position of each field.

If that doesn’t help, please send a support ticket via “Need Help” and provide the sheet URL, field name that are duplicated and grant Ragic Support access to your database so that we could have a closer look.