How to create a simple list

I just want to make a basic list in this format + <Subject 1> + <Subject 2>. I can’t work out how to extract the info from a sheet with about 15 fields in all. Can someone help me?

Hi Helen,

Please kindly share an example of what you would like to achieve so that we could guide.

OK, the screenshot(s) below show the two sheets.

The left side is showing made up names, addresses etc so I can iron out the glitches before going ‘live’ next term. I need to get a list of who teaches what so I can put the teachers surnames against the course details in the Course Info sheet prior to taking that out of the staff listing.

Short of having two browser tabs open, one with the staff list open and the other with the course info and me constantly hopping between the two when adding the names to the course sheet, the only other way I can see is to create the list is to export the entire staff list and remove the fields that are unnecessary for the task.

Hi Helen,

If you have all the available subjects in “Course” info,you can navigate to the design mode of “School Staff” sheet, then, change the field type of “Subject 1” and “Subject 2” to “Select from other sheet” and link to “Course Info” sheet.

Then, in the course info sheet, you can use show references from existing sheets to insert the linked staff as a subtable.