How can you change the color of the tabs / buttons?

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You may refer to this link to know how to change tab color. As for buttons, do you mean action button ? Currently we don’t support changing color of action buttons.

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Thank you Lilian

Regarding the buttons… Please see attached image. Thanks!

Hi Oren,
I have read most of the help materials and I don’t think changing the colour of the “new record” button and the “change design” button is supported. But I’m sure the Ragic support team will confirm when they are back online.
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Hi Oren,

The colors of those buttons cannot be modified. :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated

If I will embed it in my website then I can design as I please, right?

With the Web Embed, you can add custom CSS to it. See here for detail:

But with the “Raw Embed”, we currently don’t have a custom CSS option for it.

For a fully customized HTML form, you can refer to this page on how to design the form and use our HTTP API to save record:

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