Hide lines not just fields & descriptions

Using conditional formatting it’s possible to hide descriptions and fields but this can then leave big areas of white space on the form which looks somewhat ridiculous. I’ve seen the response re subtables & empty lines, I’m talking about big chunks of non-subtable fields which are then just replaced with acres of whitespace.

Hi Ian, yes we are aware of this issue, and is looking to finding an algorithm to automatically get rid of these white spaces. However, there are many types of layouts that makes the ways of getting rid of the white spaces very difficult to determine. We’re still working on a good way for this, please also feel free to give us any good input on good rules for determining how to hide these spaces.

Another type of rule which hides/shows lines x to y based on the same type of criteria that can be chosen to hide/show fields/descriptions? All the lines are numbered so can presumably be easily identified for hiding/showing?