Help with subtables

I have created a 2 sheets and linked them and also created a number of subtables so we can capture and see the data we need.
My question is if this is the best way to capture the data or if you can advice a better way.
We would like to be able to filter on the list page by fields in the subtable but I notice it won’t let me.
We would also like to have a number of emails again using fields in the subtables which we are not able to do.
Any advice is appreciated.


If you would like to analyze data in subtable, I would suggest creating new sheet from subtable. You could add Link Fields From Parent Sheets to show parent sheet fields on new sheet and filter on new sheet.

Uhm…not quite sure what you mean about a number of emails again using fields in the subtables, would you mind elaborating more on this and maybe share some example with us?

Yes we want to be create a range of emails to be sent to learners in our database but the I am not able to choose fields from subtables.

Is there anyway someone can look at my sheets and offer advice on how it has been set up and give us some help/?


Subtable field cannot be chosen as recipient while sending emails, since it’s one-to-many relationship, there might be more than one subtable row in one entry. You could try new sheet from subtable and filter the range of recipient then send out email.

If would like to share your design to us and let Ragic Support giving some advice, you could send a support ticket via “Need Help”, it’s on the top right corner of your database page. Provide the sheet URL and grant Ragic Support access to your database so we could take a closer look.