HELP - Ragic App - Limit in displaying fields & Action Buttons

2 concerns which i need help on

Say I have 100 fields in column A on a sheet, showing all good on PC, however Tablet APP is only showing 98. Is there a limit? How can I get round this?

On PC, I have a conditional formatted action button that hides ok on PC, but is still visible on Tablet APP. How can I hide this action button on the APP till a field/s has been fulfilled.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance


Would you like to allow Ragic support to access your account to test and better understand your database and your issue? You can do this by clicking on the “Need Help” button located on the top right of your screen, and submit a support ticket and enter your question with the complete details such as the link of the sheet, description of your process, screenshots, or video recording (please upload your video to this link, etc.