Having trouble with linking

Hello community,

I’m trying to build a database to manage my company’s inventory. I’m using the Inventory Management template.

I’m looking to link the Inventory Sheet to the Incoming Stock and Outgoing Stock so that the following example can happen in the DB:

There’s one entry for product X in the Incoming Stock sheet for 20 units. The Qty field for product X in the Inventory X updates with 20 units. There’s another entry for product X, for 60 units. The Qty field in the Inventory sheet updates accordingly. Later in the day, there’s an entry for product X in the Outgoing Stock sheet for 15 units. The Inventory sheet updates accordingly for product X.

So far, I’ve only managed to link the Product No., Product Name and Type between all three, so that when I input a new entry in the Incoming / Outgoing Stock sheets, I can input the Product No and I get the name and type automatically. But the most important aspect is to make it so that the quantity in the Inventory sheet updates automatically depending on changes in the Incoming and Outgoing Stock sheets.


In our inventory template, you’ll need to update the incoming and outgoing stock by the action button.

That is, you’ll need to manually trigger the updates in inventory sheet with the action button. If you would like the inventory sheet gets update automatically when you input entries of incoming or outgoing stock, it may need further scripting.

Even after already doing it, I still don’t get the stocks number automatically updated in the Inventory sheet. If you need a look at my sheets, do please let me know - my company would like to use Ragic as the main database application, so I’m trying to smooth out everything.


For this issue, would you mind to send a support ticket and grant our access right to your database? You can click on “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database, select support ticket, and fill the form.

Thank you.

Thank you, I will do it right away!