Google Sheets and formulas

If we have existing spreadsheets in Google Sheets that use formulas between tabs and sheets (files) such as index, match, is it possible to still make this usable in Ragic? Or do we recreate the linking of data within Ragic?

Hi there,

Are you planning to move your currently stored and mananged data in Google sheet (with formulas and other settings applied) to Ragic (by importing Excel files to create new Ragic sheets, or importing files to the pre-designed sheets) and hoping that the formulas can sync?
If yes, since Ragic formulas are unique to Ragic, you’ll need to re-apply formulas and other settings (like linking sheets with Ragic linking tools) in Ragic and not anywhere else.

Thanks Aletha. I realize now that we have to recreate it in Ragic. Thanks.