Formula not working on Number Field

I am trying to make a calculation on a number field ONLY if a checkbox is checked on field A16. Here is the formula for the number field:

IF(A16=“Yes”,{do calculation},"")

So if the checkbox is activated, then the calculation should show. Otherwise the field is emptied.

Unfortunately, it seems that this formula will NOT work on a number field. I can get it working on a free text field, but I need the result to be formatted as a number, not as a text field that I can’t format.

Maybe explaining it this way is easier to understand and you can tell me why this doesn’t work and if there is a workaround:

Number field A1 = price without tax
Number field B1 = price with tax
Checkbox field C1 = price includes tax? Yes or X

If the user selects Yes in C1, then B1 automatically calculates A1 + the tax

I re-worked the layout to avoid this issue now.

I’m still a little interested why the calculation on a number field doesn’t work with a checkbox field in the formula. The end result of the calculation is a number, not text. I guess with number fields Ragic doesn’t allow any formula with a text field in the logic.


Referencing a string field that equals to a fixed string value as the condition and return a numeric value as the result with the IF function, please remember to add .RAW, like IF(A16.RAW=“Yes”,{do calculation},"")

When to add .RAW, you could find it here:

I thought I tried .RAW as well, but maybe I didn’t use it correctly. Thanks for the advice