EXPORT to Excel .with IMAGES

I would love to use your software for our company but we MUST have the export with images available for Excel. When might this feature be available. I think I spoke with you all a year ago about this.

Hi, @akurzner export to excel with images embedded is now supported!
You can try out Ragic again and let me know if you need any help doing this type of Excel export with images.

This is great news! I will definitely want to get on a call with you all when I am back in the US to discuss.

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How can we do this?

Just do an export to Excel and the image(s) should be embedded in there.

在我的表單中. 它匯出excel時. 照片那一欄是寫照片網址. 而不是照片直接顯示~我也想知道該如何調整~

目前這項功能僅支援表單頁輸出唷!因為列表頁的輸出會有列高的問題,因此目前還沒有支援 :slight_smile:

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