Embedding single entry

I want to embed single database entries in my website. I’ve tried the printer friendly version as suggested here - https://www.ragic.com/intl/en/doc-kb/55/How-do-I-embed-a-single-entry-to-a-web-page%3F - but the form is displaying blank with no info in the fields. What am I doing wrong please?


Would you mind to share the URL that you use for embed for us to test? If there is privacy concerns, you may send us a support ticket via the “Need Help?”.

Sure, it’s https://eu2.ragic.com/starlight/people-202005061050/7/1663.xhtml?&keepContent&showDefaultBorder&showConfig


You’ll need to grant the “Everyone” user group with “Viewer” access right in the source sheet so that users without Ragic account would be able to see this entry.