email notification

hello guys~

i have a question.
lets say email A is the owner of the form.
This form is an open form which mean anyone can fill up
Inside this form, there is an email field when i used it to send customized email.
The form is filled up with Email B
however, lets say when email A, owner the form do changes, this Email B receives email that stated the modification made.

I wish to stop email from sending to Email B while Email A, the owner of the form can see the modification made either by Email A itself or Email B.

If not, this Email B will receive a junk of email
HAHA. Hope you understand my question.

Conclusion, how to stop email from sending to Email B.

Could you confirm which type of e-mail that Email B is receiving?

Is it a:

a) Notification e-mail on the record being changed
b) Guest user temp log in URL e-mail
c) Customized e-mail you created for this sheet

I’m a little confused about which type of notification you’re referring to. Maybe you can paste a sample of this e-mail? (removing sensitive information)

i think is a combination of a) and c).

i did customize a c) type email, however whenever there is modification in the sheet, it modifies the email of my c) type email.

can anyone help me?
i am sorry.
i am not really good~

how to disable the a) Notification e-mail on the record being changed.

thanks alot