Dynamic views or dynamic filter for columns

Sorry if I am asking too much! Ragic is already a great data management software and has the most important features I have been looking for for years and a great support as well, but it is just a matter of minutes to make suggestions, and some could help rather than bother!

This one might seem a little whimsical or capricious but let me try and suggest it.

Very often several sheets are needed to set a well structured database for a certain activity, but then you need many similar sets of sheets for many other activities of different nature, that require different fields, and therefore different sheets or sets of sheets which are all quite similar.
Being more specific, I organize all my issues in sets of 3 sheets:

  • The core one called NOTES(NOTAS) with fields depending of the kind of issue
  • One for the context where I take those notes (eg. meetings), called TRACKING (SEGUIMIENTO) which contains fields related the context itself and a subtable with notes (references from sheet NOTES)
  • One called ISSUES to group the notes taken by ISSUES which contains fields regarding the issue itself and a subtable with notes (references from NOTES). I use this one also to take single notes related to that issue.
    This structure can be used for any project at work, but also for private issues tracking: health care issues and visits to the doctors of all the family, maintenance and repairs of virtually anything, issues with banks, town councli, complaints,…
    The problem is that it is difficult to find a single field structure that copes with all different types of issues.
    One solution is to make a base structure and duplicate empty sheets but actually the sheet configuration is quite alive itself because I am always improving it to make it more usable and usefull (styles, reminders, field tipe and defaults,…) and once you duplicate a sheet improvements have to be made separate sheet by sheet.

I am looking for a way to have only 3 sheets that would cope with any kind of issues so that maintenance & improvement is only done once.
One way would be to have in NOTES all the fields needed for any kind of issue but display only the fields needed depending of the issue type (select field), both in list and form view. A kind of dynamic filter for columns. For the subtables in TRACKING and ISSUES it should be possible to define similar filters depending of the type of Traking selected or Issue.

Any alternative suggestion would be wellcome.

Thanks for your great support!