Duplicating Records

Hi, I am struggling to find a way to duplicate a record in a table. Can you point me in the right direction, please?


Are you referring to create a new record based on an existing record? If so, in a record’s form page, you may click on Tools > Editing > Clone Entry to do so. You may refer to this document for more details.

Thanks for this. However it does not seem to duplicate. It mentions ‘Some restrictions might apply, depending on how your feature access right on the sheet was set up by your SYSAdmin.’ However I cannot work out firstly if this is the problem and secondly how to amend the restriction setting to clone the record.


It will be depending on whether your SYSAdmin has allowed you to use this feature. SYSAdmins can modify this in feature access settings.
If you are the SYSAdmin of your database and believe there is an issue with this, you may send us a support ticket via the “Need Help” button on the top right corner of your database screen to allow us to access your database to take a further look.

Thanks I will do this.