Creating QR code

Is there a possibility to create an additional column in my sheet, which shows a barcode or QR code, generated based on entries in several columns?

E.g. : columns Name, Company, Address and Phone should be included in a sort of contact card that can be read by scanning the code.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, we have barcode field type.
You can create a barcode field and use string formulas to combine necessary information.

Hi Angie,

Thank you for you quick response. The string formulas are indeed working but I actually meant to ask if it was possible to create a QR code which shows a contact card in a nice layout instead of only a string of words or values.




If you apply string formulas in a barcode field, it will return the QR code based on the barcode type you selected. For example:

If this is not what you’re looking for, please kindly share an example of what you would like to have so that we can offer suggestions based on your need.

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