Creating a subtable with more than 9 fields in Link manager

I have a subtable that I want to add email address to in the box to the right of DofE Ass.

Is it possible to have more than 9 fields in a sub table?


You can exit the link manger, save the sheet design, and then re-open the link manger. Then, you should be able to see extra spaces.

I’m afraid that doesn’t work. The original links have been set up for months. i am wanting to add one more but can’t seem to move the focus of the screen to allow more of the grid to be shown.

Fixed: I created a dummy field before going into the link manager which zoomed it all out a bit and then overwrote it

Hi Andy,

In this case, it’s suggested to created the fields you need on the sheet first, then set up linking lines through link manager.


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