Countdown Timer

I have a need for an eBay style count-down timer field sortable in the listing screen to alert my users of approaching deadlines or product expiry.

This could either be a field that the user sets manually, but for me, given that I’m inserting a lot of data via the API, a formula or calculated field triggered by the insertion of another date in the sheet would be ideal.


I’m thinking this could be a variation of the “Time Ago” checkbox. Instead of a past date, this is for a future date. We’ll think about whether this should be incorporated into “Time Ago” or it should be a separate option.

I am interested in the solution as well!

@alaina would it work if we make it like the “Time Ago” checkbox that we currently have on the date/time field configuration?

Is this not like the ‘reminder’ function on the form sheets? sends an email triggered by a date.

I don’t think they meant sending an e-mail, it’s just a cell value that changes through time that says something like:

3 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes

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I have not tried this out yet, but it’s on my to do list now that I know about it. We have an agent who manages an eBay page, so I think it might be helpful for her.

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Sounds good Jeff, look forward to seeing this implemented in time.

i am looking for a count down timer to accomplish tasks …

its like a job must be done through 30 minutes … i need a column like countdown timer according to a specific time plz … thanks very much

We will be adding support for this shortly. It will be under the “time ago” option.