Convert Record | Automapping

Thank you for the automapping!

Is it possible to have a second option that automaps only the fields I have put in? Rather than adding in most/all the fields that are on the sheet.

Thank you for the consideration!

Hi Alaina,

Would you mind to elaborate more on “the fields I have put in”? Do you mean the fields with field value?

Sorry for the confusion! Here is a screenshot

Most of my convert record buttons only require some of the fields, so I manually add in only the ones I need. The screenshot is of one I am creating now. The button I’d like is to automap all of these. I tried seeing if the current one would work, but it just adds most/all of the fields in and automaps them, rather than just the few I originally set up.

This is also something that would help when duplicating entire tabs, because I have to adjust the sheet it gets converted to for all of the buttons. When I change the sheet from the drop down, all of the fields on the right go blank.

We’re thinking maybe the behavior can be different if there are already fields setup. If the configuration is empty, it can add all fields to the mapping, if the configuration already have some fields, it asks if the user wants to populates the ones with empty values on the other side?

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That sounds great, thank you so much! It will be a great help :slight_smile: