Complex Reminders

The usefulness of the Reminders function would increase greatly if they were capable of sending out a reminder to different people based on a value of a field past a certain date.

For example, our Customer Order page has a “Status” selection field, with possible values of: “Canceled”, “Pending”, “Final Report Pending”, and “Complete”. If the Report Deadline Date is reached, different people need to be contacted if the “Status” field is equal to “Pending” or “Final Report Pending”. It would also be required to type in a custom email address if the Status is Final Report Pending, as this requires the Reminder to be sent to a supervisor who is not listed anywhere on our Customer Order page. This supervisor is the same individual who verifies all Final Reports, thus, the email address could be part of some conditional formatting in the Reminder function.

Is this expansion of the Reminder function a feature Ragic can add?

Hi Jusha,

May I know if the notify user of each entry would be the same? Or, the notify users will be different entry to entry?

Thank you for your response. There are two cases:

When “Status” is “Pending”, the reminder will be sent to the Technician who’s name is the value of the field “Assigned to”.

When “Status” is “Final Report Pending”, the reminder must be sent to the same individual every time. This individual is not noted in the value of any field, as it is there job to look over every final report and such data would be redundant.

Hi Joshua,

Currently, what you’ve described cannot be achieved by reminder tools directly. The workaround would be as below:

  1. TODAYTZ() will return date of today according to your time zone.
  2. Notify when pending applied with formulas below:
    The formulas mean return date of today when the report deadline reach and when the status is “Pending”.
  3. Notify when final report pending applied with formulas below:
    IF(AND(A4.RAW=A5.RAW,TODAYTZ(),A3.RAW=“Final Report Pending”),TODAYTZ(),"")
    The formulas mean return date of today when the report deadline reach and when the status is “Final Report Pending”.

Then, you can apply 2 reminders:

  1. Reminder for pending
    *Please replace the “Created by” field with your “Assign To” field
  2. Reminder for Final Report Pending
    Then, enter the mail of the user who needs to approve the report.

Last but not least, to ensure the formulas can recalculate on a daily basis, please add a daily recalculation workflow to this sheet. Once added, please navigate to the job schedule and tune the schedule so that the system will recalculate first and then send the reminders. For example, recalculate at 01:00 and then send the reminder mail at 02:00.

Please kindly test if above works for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this method. I will implement it soon and let you know how it goes.

So far, this method is working, except when the Reminders are executed users do not receive an email notification and only receive notifications in Ragic. Is this email notification supported?

Hi Joshua,

Yes, the e-mail notification is supported. Would you mind to check the notification setting to see if the users open the notification mail for the reminder function?

Our Reminders work now. Thank you.

When adding the Automatic Daily Recalculation workflow, do I add this to the sheet where I want the calculations or the Global Workflow page as stated in the instructions below?


Please add as stated in the instruction. :slight_smile: