Client Access to Certain Records as an External User

Is there a resource to learn more about setting up external users and access rights besides this page? External Users

In particular, I want to set-up a sheet for clients to access and view certain fields that I choose to show them (via multiple version), but only for those records that they are listed as the client. I don’t want them viewing records that are for other clients.

In order to limit them to viewing their records only do I need to set them up as the owner of those records and set access rights to “Survey User, No Edit, No Create”, or is there another way to give them read-only access rights (for viewing only, no editing/deleting/adding) that allows us to keep the internal user that created the record as the owner?


Survey User will be able to create, view, and edit their own entries. “Own entries” mean created by them or be assinged to them, they won’t be able to see other entries. You could also set the additional “no create” or “no edit” options of the survey user, so that they could only view the entries that have been assigned to them.

As you mentioned, In order to limit external users to view only their records but can not create and edit any record, you’ll need to set access rights to “Survey User, No Edit, No Create”, and use the assign function to give them access to the entry.

Not sure what you mean by “keep the internal user that created the record as the owner”?
Does “the owner” means “entry manager”?
When you assign an entry to a user, it will automatically become the entry manager of the entry, but it won’t change the data creator.

Sorry, I was confused on how ownership and entry managers work. After reading more documentation and some trial and error, I realize now that I can add a Select User field to the sheet and assign additional access rights for a new user based on that field …and that the owner and entry managers for each, individual record are listed at the bottom of the history tab on each sheet.

Question: Is there any way to change the owner in “Created by” on the history tab? Or we can only delete and add to the “Entry Manager” and “Notify User” fields?


You may see the “Created by”, “Entry Manager” and “Notify User” from the info panel at the bottom.
The “Created by” field will be the user who create this record, and it can not be changed.
When a user created a record, the user will be added to the “Entry Manager” and “Notify User”.

You may also assign entries to other users in order to add them to the “Entry Manager”.
“Notify User” will automatically add the user who has been assigned or commented on the record.

By clicking the x icon next to the user’s email, you could delete “Entry Managers” or “Notify Users”

If you don’t want the record creator to access the record anymore, you may remove them from “Entry Managers” and “Notify Users”. (The access right of the record creator should be Survey User.)