Can't filter out old selection value (but it shows in reports)

We recently updated a Selection value from <19 to ≤19. I did a mass edit on the <19s to get them to the new correct value. I thought we were fine since filtering by text for <19 didn’t bring anything up.

However, I ran a report and there are 53 wayward “<19” records in our database. I can see them if I “Sort A-Z”, but I can’t seem to do a mass edit to update them. I’ve tried filtering by text for every derivation of <19 I can think of, including copy and pasting from the record itself to no avail. Any ideas?


Do you mind submitting a support ticket through “Need Help” button at upper right corner in your database, with detailed information of this issue (which sheet and which field it is, and which report you generate) so that we can access to your database and look into it for you?


Done, thanks!

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