Can I link the a sheet field to open a record?

At the moment I can hover over the ref number in the sheet, but to open the record I must first hover, then navigate to the “quick view” on left of screen shown, and click on the icon in the top left corner to launch appropriate version.

I know that I can set a link on sub-tables to launch when I just click on the field entry, but can I do this too for the sheet in question as well, as mentioned above?




Just to clarify, do you mean open the source sheet when click on “Select from other sheet” field?

Clarification…No, no source sheet, no “select from other sheet” field, as per form pages!

Angie >The sheet is

In this sheet view, not form or sub table view etc. I want to be able to just click on the second field’s entries (i.e. Property Ref #) and have it launch, without having to hover over and reveal a “quick type view” first then go to that view and launch from there instead.

Hope you can help with this, as you always see to be able to do :slight_smile:

Hi Kane,

I’ve looked into your sheet and your field “Property Ref #” is a select from other sheet field (linked field by link & load).

And it’s currently not supported to click on the value to navigate to the linked source entry directly. I’ve added you to the list of people to be notified once it’s supported.

Please note that your sheet “PROPERTY UNITS (Generate LISTING)” is currently in public (the access right for “Everyone” group is set as “Admin”) that other users in the Community may access your data as well. You may remove the link or adjust the access right for the sheet if necessary.

Is this function available yet? I would be interested in using it


This feature is now available!
Users can configure it through Personal Settings: