Breaking up larger file into different sections

I’m new - Office Manager for small business >40 employees. I manage all employee HR data in a large Excel file. There are 43 fields. I’ve imported it into Ragic - But I’d like to break it into separate files/tables/sheets. I’m not sure how to go about that.

I’d like the employee demographic info in one place
Then another would have their medical records (some have expiring dates that I have to track)
Another might be the forms & check offs that I need to have in their file

Is there a way to break up this big sheet into smaller ones & link them all?


Currently, it’s not supported breaking one sheet into several sheets. However, you may try steps below:

  1. Import from your Excel file and delete unnecessary fields and leave only fields for demographic information.
  2. Re-import the Excel file and create another new sheet. Then, delete unnecessary fields and leave only fields for medical records.

You may apply the workflow several times to break your Excel to different sheets in Ragic.


You may also consider creating multiple versions of the sheet, and you can hide/delete the fields and show the ones you need on each versions.