Blank Sheet When Filling Out a Linked Page

When I go to fill out a product review only blank sheets show up. Yesterday I was able to fill it out with no problems. file:///var/folders/77/3vvmpj6d1k1gd1y0xppr0fym0000gn/T/TemporaryItems/(A%20Document%20Being%20Saved%20By%20screencaptureui)/Screen%20Shot%202020-06-09%20at%2010.20.05%20AM.png


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error for us to refer to?

Absolutely! I though I included earlier, my mistake.


Looks like the linking is no longer existing, please submit a ticket through “Need Help” > “Support Ticket” at upper right corner in your database, fill up the form with below information:

  1. url of the sheet you currently have this issue with
  2. url of the sheet you’d like to link from

And click red button “Grant Access to Ragic Support Team” so that we can look into your database.


I just did it. Thank you for your assistance.

Actually I was able to correct the issue on my own. Thank you.