BBCode Date Formatting

Is it possible to add date formatting to BBCode that contains a date. I’m attempting to do something like this, where D6 is a reference to a cell that contains a date. I’ve searched all over but don’t see any reference to bbcode and date formats. Unfortunately the field reference does not carry the formatting over from the field D6.

[formula format="%F %d %Y"]D6[/formula]


Would you mind to elaborate more with an example as we’re not quite sure what you want to achieve?

Hi there, I’m trying to use bbcode in a description field using
where the sheet cell D6 i’m referencing contains a date.

D6 has date formatting to give “Monday, November 15 2021”
[formula]D6[/formula] = 2021,11,15

I would like a formated date in the description field if possible.

-------------------------Description Field-------------------
If this RFI is not addressed on [formula]D6[/formula] or before this date there may be additional schedule delay and added costs. Please expedite these items to eliminate loss of schedule and additional cost.


The value of field D6 is shown as the format in front end since the value saved in the back end is something different like this. If you would like to display the description field like “Monday, November 15 2021”, maybe can try this workaround.
Use formulas to get the year, month, day and weekday, then add up these as a string, show the string in description field.

Ok, this sounds like a good workaround but my guess is Weekday still won’t work. This isn’t a critical issue for me, but I was curious if it was possible.

Thank You!

MONTH() and WEEKDAY() formula will return number, need to transfer to string via conditional formula.