Barcodes in a subtable?

Is there a way to have a column in a subtable for barcodes?

Scenario: A purchase order has a product subtable with a column for a Part Number. I would like the next column to show a barcode referencing the Part Number Column.

Purpose: The goal is to print individual barcode labels for all parts on that particular PO to stick on parts received.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions to accomplish this task.


You could add a barcode field beside the Part Number field in subtable and assign formula to reference field Part Number. It could generate a barcode.

And currently Label Maker is unable to produce barcode in subtable, however you could create new sheet from subtable so that you could use label maker on new sheet.

You could also configure a field on new sheet as filter such like PO Number and filter PO Number to print out the barcode you need.