Automatically filter dropdown list on "Select from Other Sheet" fields?

Is it possible to automatically filter a drop down list for “Select from Other Sheet” field types by using information already entered into the form?

For example, suppose the following:

  • TABLE A has records of cars with the location of each car (ex Car Lot 1, Lot 2, etc);
  • FORM B must be filled out by a salesman for pending car sales, and it contains the following relevant fields:
    • CAR_LOT field (which has a default value set for each different salesman);
    • MAKE_MODEL field; and…
    • SELECT_FROM_TABLE_A field, where the salesmen selects a specific car that is from TABLE A

So, restating the first question with the given example: is there a way to use the CAR_LOT field and MAKE_MODEL field to pre-filter/automatically filter the list that appears when the salesmen clicks on the drop-down arrow for the SELECT_FROM_TABLE_A field?


From your description, I would say dynamic filtering could work for you. :slight_smile:


You aren’t a moderator for nothing, lol. I’m ashamed I missed that in the manual :blush: Thanks for the help!

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