Automated field population

I like to replicate the input done in one field to another field in the same record automatically.
e.g. The prefix, Last Name, First Name, Tel # etc should be replicated from the contact person to the one receiving the invoice. If they are not the same when the one doing the input it can override it but if it is the same the one doing the input should not have to repeat the input again because it is automatically being filled in by the application can this be done?


I would suggest using Link & Load and applying formulas to a default value to meet the expectation.

  1. You can create some fields and set up the link and load to pop the contact person information automatically.

  2. Create other fields and apply formulas to return field values in step one to default value. Formulas in the default value field will only be interpreted when the reference field is edited for the first time . Once the formula is interpreted, it will not be re-calculated in accordance with further edits.

  3. You could hide the loaded fields in step 1.