Auto populate other fileds when I input the information in the first field

Hi there.

I would like Ragic to auto populate some fields after I input a information in another field.

For example:

I have one sheet called PRODUCTS, with all my products details, like

Product number
Product name

And I have another sheet that is called ORDER where I organize the orders from clients.
In this form I will inform the products that where sold to clients.

In this ORDER sheet I will have 2 fields: Item Number and Item Name.

I will link the Item number field to the PRODUCTS sheet so I can choose the Item Number from thr PRODUCST sheet.

After I choose the Item Number I would like Ragic to auto populate the Item Name in the Item Name field.

How could I do that?

Thank you


This can achieve with form tools: link & load.
Please set the “Item Number” as the linked field while the “Item Name” as the loaded field.

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Hi Angie!
Thank you!

Can the LOADED FIELD be a File Upload?


Yes, file upload field can be set as loaded field.