Auto Generate SubForm

I created an auto generate field in my subform. All that happens is the form page for editing or entry shows the text Auto Generate.

The auto generate field value would only generate where you enter the data with this field.
Would you please check if this field is also on the page where you enter/create your entry?
And would you also please check if it’s with the correct field id? (Just in case you have two different fields on different pages, eg. Listing page and Form page, or Parent sheet and new sheet created from subtable.)

And since I’m not quite sure about the subform you meant, it would be helpful if you can share some screenshots of the issue for us to refer to.

Echoing the previous question: the subtable where the id is autogenerated, it shows the empty rows with ‘autogenerated’ text in them. See below.
Can we hide it?


Sorry that currently it cannot be hidden.