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I have a specific questions regarding Approvals system. I was asked is there a way to remove “Reason” pop-up window once the item is being approved by the management.

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If not removed, then made as not mandatory so that between approving large amounts of items a person doesn’t have to input reason and click OK for each individual approval.



Currently, there is no way to remove this pop-up window of apporval’s reason. However, it’s an optional field and you can leave it blank if there is nothing you need to address.

Just wondering about this. Does this “Reason” field get stored somewhere? How can it be accessed from javascript / formula / mail merge?

Its functionality is quite limited if it really can’t be seen.


The approval comment can be accessed from formula.
Returns comments of the approver(s), or null if there is no comment.

Single approver:

The [email] argument is optional.
Returns the comment of the approver.

Multiple approvers:
The [email] argument is required.
Returns the comment of a certain approver.

Please refer to this article:Formulas

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