Address field to output Longditude/Latitude

I would like to be able to get automatically the Longitude in one field and the Latitude in another after entering an “address” in a separate field. What formula should I use?

I checkout Addresses and Ragic’s google map features first, but it does not specify how to do this, only says you can enter an address using the map, or enter it as either a regular written street address or as a Longitudinal/Latitudinal value, and that you can also choose to have the address appear as a MAP.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Kane,

Currently there is no this kind of function or formula in Ragic,
we can only type in those fields manually.


What ! No formula? You sure? lol

Thanks Phil! I guess it’s Google Features incorporated into Ragic, and at this stage what I am looking for is not possible! For now I guess!

Can this now be added as a requested Ragic feature? Someone? Or do I need to post a separate request???