Add/Remove entries within the edit mode in listing view

Editing in listing view is not very user friendly at the moment from my point of view. I thing that allowing to add new records or remove existing ones within the edit mode would speed up a bit.

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Adding new records on the listing view is supported with the quick add button:

You can also use the checkbox on the listing page to select and delete multiple records at the same time.

Let us know if you have some quicker way to do adding and deletion, I can discuss it with our development team.

Hi Jeff,

I replicated the kind of functionality in a sheet I created called Entry Page!/7/0 which using your support login you can see what I was also asking for. Entry Page is a work around for what I think this person is also looking for and it it works with my work around then maybe (big maybe) it will be easy for it to be a standard feature.

See post Tabluar based editing

Thanks as always for your help and attention to our requests


Check out AUTO-SAVE. Congratulations! which makes editing much easier.

You can not edit the record and simply scroll to the next record with Autosave on. Love this feature :clap::sunglasses: